Sustainability Reporting

Creating a sustainability report requires a wide range of interrelated skills. Perhaps most challenging is coordinating complex analysis, information management, content development, and effective collaboration across a company. Hudson Consulting combines these capabilities with outstanding project management to create clear and compelling reports.

Hudson Consulting has developed a proven method to guide companies through six overlapping stages of this process.

Strategy Definition

  • » Determine company reporting objectives
  • » Define reporting approach (frequency, versions,
       relationship to other communications)
  • » Clarify and prioritize target audiences


  • » Assess and prioritize key company and industry
  • » Analyze stakeholder input and feedback
  • » Review cross-industry reporting trends
  • » Benchmark competitors and leaders
  • » Develop report recommendations

Project Planning

  • » Build an effective team (core team, content
       experts, writers, reviewers, designers, legal,
       assurance providers)
  • » Define roles and responsibilities
  • » Create and manage project plan and
  • » Formulate Global Reporting
       Initiative (GRI) approach

Content Development

  • » Determine available content and review
       source materials
  • » Prioritize issues to include in report
  • » Work to address gaps
  • » Advise on metrics, goals, and graphics
  • » Manage outlining and writing process
  • » Manage review and editing process
  • » Develop GRI index


  • » Develop multiple versions of
       report (web, print, PDF, summary, audience-
       specific, etc.) based on core content
  • » Manage design, web development, and

Report Launch

  • » Implement communications plan
  • » Conduct debrief with report team
  • » Manage stakeholder feedback process
  • » Provide content and process
       recommendations for following year