Creating a sustainability report is an important milestone for many companies, but publication shouldn’t be the endpoint. The report becomes a definitive source of sustainability information within the organization, and can be used in multiple ways to increase its usefulness:

  • » As a reference document for other communications, such as stakeholder messages and newsletters,
       sales tools, investor presentations, and consumer marketing
  • » As a platform for stakeholder engagement
  • » As a reference guide for SRI surveys, business customer RFPs, and other information requests
  • » As an employee orientation tool

The sustainability reporting process ties into other business processes across the company. Aligning those activities offers an opportunity to streamline report production while integrating sustainability further into the company. For example:

  • » Linking report metrics definition and goals setting into company strategic planning efforts
  • » Integrating report data collection into existing IT systems, such as EHS, financial, or human resources
  • » Providing access to sustainability report analysis and source documents for additional applications

Hudson Consulting can assist you in these areas.